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Rogue Sea Creations

Veneilijän viikonloppukassi Sailing

Veneilijän viikonloppukassi Sailing

Normaalihinta €74,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennettu hinta €74,90 EUR
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This nautical weekend bag is a little smaller than our duffel bags, but perfectly spacious for weekend sailing trips. Stylish navy blue colour and nice round shape. Sailing and navigation themed design, with Rogue Sea Creations logo on one end. The material is sturdy and water-resistant, great for boating.

Sailing weekend bag details:

• 100% polyester
• Made in EU
• Size: 44,2 cm x 29,8 cm x 29,8 cm
• Sturdy fabric with fusible backing to add firmness
• T-piping for stability
• Dual padded handles
• Inside pocket for valuables
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