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Rogue Sea Creations

"Wooden" Block Pulley pendant

"Wooden" Block Pulley pendant

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This rigging themed silver pendant imitates a ship’s wooden block pulley, an essential element in traditional sailing and tall ships. It is in fact a functional little block, and the wheel inside turns so you can have some fun with this piece (like in our demonstration video). All elements and fine details are handmade from start to finish. This eye-catching silver block is unique sailor jewelry for someone who loves tall ships, traditional sailing and sea nostalgia.

Disclaimer: Not suitable for boat or ship rigging. Don’t rig too heavy objects on this block and tackle system, maximum weight load has not been tested😉

"Wooden" Block Pulley pendant details:

  • All elements are handmade from 925 silver
  • Handmade at sea in Finland's archipelago
  • Height 40 mm, width 18 mm, thickness 13 mm
  • Sent within 2 working days from Finland
  • Comes in a stylish black jewelry box

All Rogue Sea Creations’ pieces of jewelry are handmade and unique. You will always get a piece that’s been made with time and passion. If you would like a piece that’s out of stock, contact us so we’ll know to make more of similar designs.

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