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Rogue Sea Creations

Seawork beanie with a fishing boat

Seawork beanie with a fishing boat

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Ordinarie pris €34,90 EUR Försäljningspris €34,90 EUR
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Express your love for workboats and fishing boats with this eco-friendly and antiallergic beanie. It has a cool embroidery with a white fishing vessel and seagulls on dark blue background. The beanie is lightweight and breathable, and it won’t fly off your head easily when you are moving about.

Seawork beanie details:

• 100% organic cotton, 0 % dangerous substances
• Antiallergic and natural fabric
• Unisex design

Size guide

  A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm)
One size 42-58.4 22 7.5 20
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