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Rogue Sea Creations

Seabird pendant Spirit of Albatross

Seabird pendant Spirit of Albatross

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There are many beliefs about the majestic and mysterious albatross. It is the friend of a lone sailor, and perhaps the spirit of a long gone seafarer. Albatrosses mate for life, so it is a symbol of lasting love. Meeting an albatross at sea is thought to bring good fortune and guidance. This unique silver albatross flying above high seas would be an appreciated gift to a seafarer or ocean lover.

Spirit of Albatross pendant details:

  • Handmade from 925 silver
  • Height 34 mm, width 26 mm
  • Unisex design
  • Silver chain sold separately

All Rogue Sea Creations’ pieces of jewelry are handmade and unique, there are no two identical pieces. Nothing is mass produced. If you’d like a piece that’s out of stock, contact us so we’ll know to make more of similar designs.

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