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Rogue Sea Creations

Sea glass necklace Summer Beach

Sea glass necklace Summer Beach

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This stunning beach necklace is full of coastal feel and the essence of seaside summer. All the elements are handmade and special, and this is truly a unique and eye-catching necklace.

The Summer Beach necklace features beautiful sea glass, silver seashells and a characteristic silver starfish in the middle. These all together bring a wonderful and fresh sea feel to the piece. This is the perfect statement piece for a sea-loving person.

Sea glass Summer Beach necklace details:

  • Handmade with hand tools from safe 925 silver
  • Height 35 mm, width 85 mm
  • Overall length with silver chain 43 cm
  • Includes Baltic Sea sea glass, white and light green
  • Made in Finland’s archipelago
  • Sent within 2 working days in a stylish jewelry box

All Rogue Sea Creations’ pieces of jewelry are handmade from silver. Nothing is mass produced in moulds, making each piece unique. We use real sea glass and don’t sand or shape it. If you’d like to buy a piece that is out of stock, let us know so we can make more of similar designs.

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