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Rogue Sea Creations

Crossbody bag Flying Seagulls

Crossbody bag Flying Seagulls

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This Flying Seagulls crossbody bag or handbag has a beautiful, handpainted seagull design full of coastal feel. This compact bag is handy when you need to grab your phone, wallet and some snacks with you. You can carry it on your shoulder like a handbag, or casually against your back.

Flying Seagulls crossbody bag details:

• 100% polyester
• Made in EU
• Size: 14,5 cm × 19,5 cm × 5 cm
• Water-resistant and durable
• Sturdy fabric with fusible backing to add firmness
• Inside and outside pockets
• Adjustable strap
• Two-way zipper
• Finnish design

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