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Tall Ships Races 2023 - Celebration of Traditional Sailing and seamanship

Good old ships have set sail again! The Tall Ships Races have delighted sea spirited audiences since 1956, proving that the era of the great sailing ships is not over! This year the Tall Ships Races are held at the North Sea. The event starts on June 29th at Den Helder in the Netherlands, last hosting the event in 2008. The first of three races starts on July 2nd and will take the fleet to Hartlepool in UK, where the grand ships are admired from July 6th to July 9th. From there the race continues across the North Sea to Fredrikstad in Norway. This historical maritime town entertains the fleet from July 15th to July 18th.
From Fredrikstad the ships begin their passage to Lerwick in Scotland, far north in the Shetland Islands. This sail is ”Cruise in Company”, a great opportunity to see smaller ports at the coast of Norway. This beautiful leg is not officially a race, since the third race starts from Lerwick. After a stay in the nautical old harbour of Lerwick from July 26th to July 29th, it’s time to race again and sail back to Norway, to the town of Arendal. Arendal is a real gem of maritime history and home of sailing ships. Conveniently this year the town is celebrating its 300th anniversary. The grand tall ships race to Arendal to finish the race and join festivities there from August 3rd to August 6th.

As big fans of the Tall Ships Races we have created a Traditional Sailing collection that features all our designs that are inspired by traditional sailing and tall ships. Long live good old ships and sea nostalgia!

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