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Sea themed Jewelry line

Rogue Sea jewelry lineWe are proud to present our sea themed jewelry! Rogue Sea Creations’ handmade Nordic jewelry designs are inspired by the sea and coastal life. The main materials are silver and natural Baltic Sea sea glass. Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted with passion, at sea and by one sea-spirited jeweler.

Tarnished Silver neptunes Trident

In our sea glass designs we embrace the natural shape of sea glass. Each piece of sea glass is unique and gives its own inspiration to the handmade silver elements that complete the essence of the glass. In addition to sea glass jewelry we have jewelry made only from silver, for women and men. In these nautical silver designs we like to cherish our love for sea nostalgia, old vessels and ancient mythology.

Sea glass may take decades, even centuries, to form. Shattered glass is slowly and naturally recycled by the sea and forces of nature, forming beautiful and smooth sea glass. Each piece found on sea shores is a mystery. It might originate from an old bottle or jar, but we like to think it’s from (and it just might be!) a forgotten shipwreck, long lost under the sea. Maybe a shattered ship porthole, or an oil lamp. This mystique is part of the romantic essence of sea glass, thus making it a perfect material for sea themed jewelry. Also the asymmetric nature of sea glass has its own appeal. Finding matching pieces and colours for example earrings is challenging and rewarding.

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Beautiful Sea glass Beach

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